Writing Competitive Offers

In A Seller's Market

If you’re planning to purchase a home in a competitive sellers market, you’ll likely be up against offers from equally motivated buyers. We’re outlining a few ways we can make your offer stand out from the competition and secure the house of your dreams. 

1 - Partner with the right Realtor 

Work with a Realtor with a proven success record that knows how to navigate the market. This is crucial! Receiving the advice from an expert representing you will ensure you’re positioned to succeed. 

2- Pre-Approval Is Your Ticket To Tour Homes

Finding your dream home is an exciting step in the process, but you must be prepared to make an offer quickly. This means having all documentation ready to go before you see any homes. Submit your mortgage pre-approval from a reputable & local lender. Give your seller every reason to believe your pre-approval is solid and your lender can get the job done without any delays. 

3 - Cash Offers vs Financed Offers

All-cash offers are very appealing to sellers. They tend to close faster and there are fewer risks than with mortgage-contingent offers.  If you have accounts which demonstrate sufficient cash to close, you can use these accounts as proof of funds and submit a cash offer. Once you close on the property, you can finance to repleish your cash accounts. 

Financed purchases are still the primary method of purchase, but consider purchasing in cash or with large down payments anytime it is possible. 

4 - Closing Costs

Closing costs and other fees affect the seller’s bottom line. By appealing to the seller’s financial interest, you’ll incentivize them to choose your offer. This means you must consider your NET offer to the sellers. 

5- Seller's Love Security

When possible, avoid making your offer contingent on  selling another home. A closing date that is sooner rather than later is most commonly favored. Since sellers love security, a diminished inspection contingency period can boost the value of your offer.  An experinced agent will be able to provide additional optioins. Fundamentally, your offer must appeal to the sellers the most.


Without a doubt, the majority of sellers want to NET the most money at closing. However, other terms give sellers confidence they will close and walk away the anticipated NET proceeds. 

Negotiation tactics and offer strategies are always changing. Last year's sellers market is not the same as today's, and it is always changing. 

Even in this competitive market, we are being very successfull in getting people into their dream homes and maximizing results for sellers. We are here for you want you and those you care about to have the best representation. Imagine celebrating your next real estate win! 

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Call us. Reach out. Lets talk!