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May 2022 - Blog Post

Today's sellers need 100% assurance they will have a

home to move into before selling.


Do you want to move and sell your current home, but are hesitant because you don’t know if you can find a new home to move into? I don’t blame you. The hype about the real estate market can be intimidating. With multiple offers on most homes, and extreme terms regarding inspections, and appraisals, buyers benefit from every advantage possible. Since today's competitive buyers market, and likely tomorrow's too, requires more from buyers, a new program has emerged to help buyers be more competitive. You will be able to make an all cash offer before you list your current house. 

This program puts you in a position to win and allows you to move with ease.

  1. An all cash offer means your offer stands the best chance of acceptance at the lowest price.
  2. Purchasing your new home first means you're not rushed to make a decision while moving out. 
  3. Enjoy living in your new home while your other property is being sold. 

This new program serves today's buyers in a big way! Call me and let's talk about how it could work for you.  

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