We all know how stressful and hectic home renovations can be. Your floors are covered in tarps and dust, while your living room furniture is crammed into your dining room. Before you flip your home-life upside down with a big project, check out some of these tips so that you and your partner can have a smooth experience together!

Tips for keeping your love intact during a home renovation...

1 - Consolidate Expectations

Make sure that you and your partner are on the same page in terms of goals and expectations. This includes budget, scope of the renovation and wants and style preferences. Discuss priorities beforehand. Create individual lists of what you want, share them and then develop a shared list you can both agree on. 

2 - Set up a plan for Living Arrangements

Know how much you can handle before getting started. If you know you need a clean and tidy house for your mental health, consider moving into an Airbnb during renovations. Or, be sure that you have a livable space set as you work on other areas. This can provide you and your partner a stress-free space to relax and recharge. 

3 - Seal The Deal

Keep new inspiration on the back burner for another project. Once you’ve locked in a plan, stay on the course. It’s so easy to get side-tracked during a project. Get as many ideas out as you can in the planning process so that there are no unexpected bumps or budget busters during the process. 

4 - Compromise

Your home’s aesthetic should represent both you and your partner. Decide what is important to you and what you're prepared to let go of. Advocate for your must haves and be flexible with your partner’s.

5 - Check In With Each Other

When you’re living in a chaotic state of dust, noice, paint tarps, spatial relocation and general disarray, it’s important to be patient and remember that you’re working towards a goal together. 

6 - Take A Break

Sometimes, it’s important to put away the tile samples and remember why you love the person in front of you. Making quality time for each other can help keep tension and stress at bay during a remodel process.