How To Design A Gallery Wall

July 6, 2021

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As the Pacific Northwest experiences a record-setting heatwave, it got me thinking about activities that are fun, rewarding, and indoors!

I’ve always admired stagers and designers who can bring a room to life with decore, furniture arrangement, and an awesome art gallery wall. Everything seems to have its perfect place and ever-so-effortlessly makes a space so joyful.

Design pros make it look so easy, but I can tell you this — it is an art! That doesn’t mean we amateurs can’t give it a shot!


Here is a great article from a local design company called, Schoolhouse. This article gives you great ideas and tools to create the scope for your gallery wall — The “ABCs for arranging art effortlessly.”

How To Design A Gallery Wall with Schoolhouse






Have fun, experiment, and set your design spirit free!

Thank you to Schoolhouse for your amazing tips! Schoolhouse creates iconic and timeless collections of home decor. Check them out!

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All images belong to Schoolhouse.