Give yourself the peace of a winning plan​!           (If you need to act fast we have you covered too.)

Give us a call when you are considering what your next real estate move is, or should be. Let’s explore the whole picture before it’s go time, so you can .  Call me to discuss how we can design an intelligent and sensible plan. When you ready for an upgrade, to create further wealth, or enjoy a vacation home then it’s time to start putting the pieces together. Too many people make the mistake of not planning for this event, and sometimes life forces you to make a move more quickly than you would like. Let’s create a game plan you can count on!

If life is pushing you to act fast we can act fast for you too!

​Call for help and let I’ll walk you through taking your property from personal preference to market ready

Selling Your House for the Highest Possible Price

When you put your house on the market, chances are you’re hoping the following will happen:

  • It will sell quickly.
  • You will get the highest price possible for your property.
  • The process will be smooth and trouble-free.

I’m the expert at achieving just that for my clients.

I’m proud to be the real estate agent of choice for those who want a great experience selling their home. I take a “clients-first” approach, which means you’ll be working with a professional who truly listens to you, promotes your listing aggressively, and keeps working until your property is sold and closed.

Due to my extensive knowledge of the local market, I know how to showcase your home effectively. I know how to set the listing price, so you get the most for your property. I know how to attract many qualified buyers. I know how to get that SOLD sign on your front lawn, fast.

Throughout the process, I’m with you every step of the way, making sure your questions are answered and that the entire experience is a positive one.

If you haven’t sold a home before, keep in mind that I work on contingency. I only get paid when your home sells. So there’s no risk.

Start with Clarity, and Win!

AIM –  What is your intention for selling?

Are you upgrading to your next house, is it purely financial, or are there emotional life circumstances that beckon the move?
A clear and beneficial intention for moving is essential in creating the experience of selling your house, and the outcome.

ASPIRE – Commitment & Action

  • Pricing Strategy – the market is a living and breathing relationship of supply and demand influenced by the local economy and beyond. Most people want to maximize their $, so let’s make it happen by coming up with a game plan.
  • Values – best results means different things to different people
  • Maximized marketing is I Home Oregon’s standard Marketing!
  • Staging Consult – pro tips on what makes or breaks a showing
  • Living in or moving out during listing – pros and cons
  • Showing preferences
  • Avoiding pitfalls throughout the process

ACHIEVE – Congratulations! your goals are met!

Where is the finish line? Tell me, and we will help you cross it. Doesn’t it feel good to have accomplished what you set out to do? Now you can focus on the next item on your agenda

Your Personal Consultation

To get started, I recommend we schedule a Personal Consultation. I’ll visit your home, do an assessment of your property, answer your questions, and give you my professional opinion as to how much your home may sell for and how long that may take.

If you plan to purchase another home in the area, we can talk about that too. In fact, there are significant advantages to having me help you with both transactions.

This consultation gives us both the opportunity to get to know one another and to see if there’s a good fit. You’ll learn how I work, how I market and sell homes, and how I attend to my clients’ needs.

After this consultation, although most people are eager to get started with me as their agent, there’s no obligation. This is a get acquainted meeting only.

So let’s meet. Please submit the form below or call or text me today to schedule your Personal Consultation.

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